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Basic Tenets of Wicca-Craft

Wiccan Rede
Power through Knowledge
Law of Attraction and imagine that
exists in the center of your star.

Harmony:  One can perceive rhythms in the patterns of the sun, moon, and seasons. It makes sense to learn those rhythms and to live in harmony with them. This can balance out our lives and help us identify our personal sense of harmony. Harmony and balance encourage to neither be too good nor too bad, but to find the balance in our lives.

        Reincarnation:  We define Reincarnation as an orderly system of learning through which a being progresses. This is not a tally of "sins" and punishments, nor is it a tally of good deeds. Compare human experiences to academic term papers, that is, a way of learning and improving.

         Power through Knowledge:  Power (energy) resides within each living creature. One can learn how to direct power. Whether energy or power feels "good" or "evil" depends upon the sender's intention. In our more enlightened times (remember these tenets have been with us for many, many years), we like to say that this also means self-empowerment through knowledge. The place to grow and learn is, again, within you. The more wisdom (Wicca) you gain, the more you will find self-empowerment.

        Law of Attraction: What I do to other living creatures, I will draw to myself. Shakespeare called this Measure for Measure. It can also be expressed as "birds of a feather flock together." We do not, however, ascribe to the commonly called Law of Three where what I do comes back to me three times. We have had too much science in our backgrounds as one might think every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
        The "Law of Three" that is so commonly touted as a possible punishment when you are seen to be doing "bad" follows this concept: When you point your finger at another in judgement, anger, etc., you have three fingers pointing back at you. Where is the opportunity for spiritual growth? Your judgement of the person you are pointing one finger at? Or in reflecting upon the three fingers pointing back at you? Worth a moment to consider, eh?

        Deity:  In the center of everything is the God-ess (This is our shorthand for the deity construct and should not be mistaken to mean a specifically female or male deity construct.). Like Gravity, God-ess is impersonal. It treats everyone alike. It transcends gender and human emotions. Certain ideas cluster around the Deity. We, here, are syncretic monotheists.   

Vertical or Horizontal Spirituality

Wicca -- Reaching toward Deity in spiritual growth is considered vertical.
Craft -- Magic and matters of this world are horizontal (pragmatic).
Achieving growth in both matters is a way to find balance (harmony):Wicca-Craft

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